Moving abroad? Coming back to your motherland?


Ways To Make International Moving Smooth

Relocating to another country or returning back home after a stint internationally is complex, sometimes confusing and not the expertise of most families.  It is easy to imagine the stress levels being knocked out of the ballpark when moving internationally! There’s so much to consider – and you’ll definitely need the assistance of an experienced international moving company to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Choose an international mover with a solid reputation

The logistics of moving house internationally are extremely complex – from arranging shipping, coordinating export and import documentation, to many other complicated considerations. A reputable international moving company like AmberVan will be familiar with all processes and guide you through the move. In addition, an experienced mover will be aware of any extra precautions that need to be taken when making an international move.

What to look for in an international mover?

International movers work in partnerships – the company you hire must have a partner in your destination country who will provide service there – movers who are part of an international consortium will have the connections with reputable providers around the globe to guarantee good service.


A good international mover will be aware of customs procedures and paperwork and understand what is necessary to have your belongings pass from one country to another smoothly.


They will pack your possessions professionally so that they are well protected for the long international transport. They will also disassemble and reassemble household items such as furniture and beds.


The best international services will offer door to door delivery right to your new home and will take care of all the steps between (and there are many!).

Get your papers in order and make copies

Moving internationally involves a great deal of organization and paper work. Get your visas and passports in order early, and speak to your international mover about any additional paper work that you may require. Make sure you have birth certificates, marriage licenses, vaccination records, school records and other family records and if necessary, have them translated and notarized before you leave. Scan all important documents and save them on your computer for easy access, and back them up to the cloud.

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