Packing Tips to consider whilst moving House


Packing Tips to consider whilst moving House

The reality check of life is when you are minimalistic, moving is one of the drastic things related to the household and it turns out to be really tedious. But if you get everything sorted, then packing becomes fun and easy. Given below are 7 tips to help you avoid any chaos while moving:

  • Early Packing: Make sure you know the exact day and date you have decided to move into the new place. So, two months should be good enough for a large house only if you pack one box every day. On the other side, one month is good to go for smaller homes. However, this is not the exact number, it can vary accordingly.
  • Moving Strategy: How are you planning to get from point A – point B?  If you are going for shorter moves, then you need to gather some friends and family. If you are planning to move on a long distance, you definitely need good moving companies.
  • Movers in the loop: Packing Boxes is a heavy stuff and one big thing. Therefore, it’s important to let your movers know the number of boxes and the destination which they need to work on prior to booking. Your movers must have all the information such as any overweight items, glass items, showpieces, and everything else.
  • The Right Transportation: If you are moving a short distance, get away economically with a single transport. But if you can’t afford the luxury then make sure you have the right size of truck to dump all your belongings safely and easily. Choosing the right size of transport is mandatory.
  • Label your boxes: The best way to remember what’s in your box is through labeling all sides of the box. Whosoever carrying your boxes won’t pay attention which side you have labeled, so prefer writing on each side.
  • Heavy boxes on the bottom: This might be the common point, but still it’s important to mention. You luxurious and expensive items will be saved only if you place your heavy boxes underneath the lighter boxes. You should load furniture and books first.
  • Inventory: It is necessary to jot down all the expenses and number of boxes while moving. Having a total record of your household boxes will help you if by any chance something goes missing. Prefer keeping a spreadsheet along with you with all the contents written.

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